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The main goal of this conference is to bring together experts and young talented scientists from all over the world to discuss the modern and recent aspects of the mathematical analysis. It is also to ensure exchange of ideas in various applications of Mathematics in Engineering, Physics, Economics, Biology, etc. The invited talks and the presented papers will be published after peer reviewing by the Institute for Mathematical Research (INSPEM) of Universiti Putra Malaysia.


This conference will encourage international collaboration and interactive activities on the modern problems of mathematical analysis. It is also provide an opportunity for young researchers to learn the current state of the researchers in the related fields. We welcome researchers from both theoretical and applied mathematics to attend this conference and to use this excellent possibility to exchange ideas with the leading scientists.


Selected papers will be published in a special issue of the following journals:

 (i)Abstract and Applied Analysis (Hindawi)  (ISI Impact Factor : 1.102)
 (Special Issue: "Advances on Integrodifferential Equations and Transforms")

 (ii)Journal of Inequalities and Applications, published by Springer Verlag  (ISI Impact Factor: 0.82).

 (iii)Applied Mathematics and Information Sciences  (ISI Impact Factor : 0.731)

 (iv) Malaysian Journal of Mathematical Sciences  (indexed by SCOPUS)

 (v)International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences  (indexed by SCOPUS)

 (vi)New Trends in Mathematical Sciences


 The interest areas of the conference include but are not limited to:
 (i) Statistical Analysis and its Applications
 (ii) Mathematical Analysis and its Applications

Developed by Dr. Aydin Secer 2014-Istanbul