4.th International new media Conference
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4.th International New Media Conference

will be held by The New Media, Radio Television & Cinema and Computer Engineering Departments. The main topic is The Artificial Intelligence Practices of Engineering, Art and Communication.  Submissions are invited on significant, original, and previously unpublished research on all aspects of artificial intelligence. All papers will receive mindful and rigorous reviews. İstanbul Gelişim University has arrange new media conference regulary  since 2015.  İstanbul Gelişim  University organized this conference in order to follow the developments in artificial intelligence field and to be useful in this issue. 

Main topic:The Artificial Intelligence Practices of Engineering, Art and Communication 


The conference scope includes all subareas of AI, including (but not limited to) traditional topics such as;

  • Big Data Applications
  • Cloud Computing AI Applications
  • Cyber Security AI Applications
  • Advanced Knowledge Representation
  • Intelligent Reasoning
  • Multiagent & Hybrid Systems
  • Robotics and Perception
  • Intelligent Gamming & Constraint Satisfaction
  • Machine & Deep Learning, Search & Planning
  • Intelligent Sensor Systems
  • Artificial İntelligence in Education & Training
  • Advancing AI Challenges
  • Artificial Intelligence in Publishing
  • Artificial Intelligence in Public Relations
  • Artifical Intelligence in Radio and Cinema
  • Artificial Intelligence in Arts
  • Artificial Intelligence in Communiation
  • Others

Selected papers will be published in well known International Journals


Developed by Dr. Aydin Secer 2014-Istanbul